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Alarm Security Systems
1. What brand of the alarm security equipment will Security Systems Network dealers install in my home or business?

Security Systems Network   dealers install systems made by, Honeywell, GE, and Napco, as well most other recognized and trusted names in safety and security systems.

2. How difficult is it to operate the alarm security system?

These systems are user-friendly alarm security system. Senior adults and youth who have never used a security protection system before have had no problems operating them. If an issue does arise, your   Security Systems Network dealer is only a phone call away

3. What happens to my security alarm system during a power failure?

Continuous power supply cannot be taken for granted. With every security alarm system installed, your dealer can include a backup power supply that will keep your alarm system running during those temporary blackouts. Your home will stay protected even though states such as Florida are especially vulnerable to situations mentioned above.

4. Should I have a Security Systems Network dealer wire my home during construction?

Yes! By having your home wired during its construction phase, you will save money on additional wiring charges and be assured that every wire will be concealed within the walls of your home.

5. Can Security Systems Network dealers monitor my home for security alarm alerts?

Yes, our dealers have relationships with only U.L. Listed, FM Approved, IQ Certified central stations for alarm, surveillance, and fire monitoring services.

6. How soon will I have my security alarm system installed?

You can have your new security alarm system installed within a few days. However, in situations of emergency, our dealers have been known to install your security alarm systems on the same day they are notified of the emergency.

7. How do alarm service technicians install the alarm security systems?

Where wiring is required in homes and businesses, the alarm service technicians do the wiring in the attic space or ceiling and inside the walls so there is no exposed wire that reveals your alarm security system.  In many cases they will be able to install systems that are mostly wireless and don’t require extensive wiring.

8. Can I install a security alarm system in my office/business?

Yes! In fact, we have had business customers in almost every shopping center and mall in town. We provide security systems in all categories. Be it basic security alarm systems, security surveillance cameras, fire alarm systems and access control systems for businesses. We have authorized dealers in our network for most top security alarm systems and products.   

9. What about false alarms?

It is not unusual to accidentally sound your alarm, resulting in a false alarm. However, IQ Certified central stations will usually verify the integrity of the sounded alarm before dispatching the concerned authorities.

10. What happens when my alarm system sounds?
  • When your alarm system sounds - a signal is instantly transmitted to the central station.
  • Central station verifies the alarm – Central Station calls your residence to verify if the alarm was accidentally tripped. They have your password on file so that you can identify yourself in the event of a false alarm.
  • Central station dispatches the concerned authorities - If there is no answer at the premises or the person who answers the phone does not know the source of alarm, they will then dispatch the concerned authorities. (Police, Fire Service, or Medical).

 11. What is the difference between a wired security alarm system and a wireless security alarm system?

There are several differences between wireless and wired security alarm protection systems. The base difference is that: wireless security alarm protection systems are free from all forms of wiring.

12. Will there be any "high pressure" sales pitch if I invite a Security Systems Network dealer to my home for a free security evaluation?

No! Our Security Systems Network dealers are trained to survey the premises for safety and security protection, not to pressure you into buying our security alarm systems.
You might be asked a few questions about your family schedule and then will receive a demonstration of how the security alarm protection system actually works. Our security consultants will then present you with several options on how you could protect your family and property better. There is no high pressure at all.

13. How do I know that the technician that works in my home is trustworthy?

All our Security Systems Network dealers, sales staff and customer support representatives are trained to serve you better. Network Dealers take a pledge to maintain a drug free work place, and perform regular background checks, so you can expect quality individuals to work with.

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